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UK Residential Leadership Courses

Leader-Connect now offer and deliver residential leadership and team development courses based on The Leadership Book amongst other leadership concepts. This works hand in hand with our Leader-Connect Online Leadership Video Platform...

The residential courses are highly engaging, using an experiential approach which allows learners to develop there understand of the simple theory in The Leadership Book. All courses are supported by the excellent Leader-Connect online video training platform which offers a wealth of videos and podcasts about leadership and team development.


Neil Jurd in action talking Leadership at one of his residential leadership courses.

Neil established Leader-Connect in order to cater for the two areas of his leadership coaching organisation, to continue to deliver residential leadership and team development based on The Leadership Book and associated concepts. And to  provide additional online resource to help re-enforce the residential courses but also to serve as platform for other Leadership professionals, organisations, etc to access online Leadership training and coaching videos.

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Neil Jurd