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Leader Connect - The Online Leadership Video Platform

Leader-Connect also offers an an online leadership video platform

This platform allows people to develop their understanding of leadership away from a course environment, such as in the office or on the train for example.

Leader-Connect Online Video Resource For Leadership Videos

A subscription based model offering subscription solutions for individuals, business owners and managers in addition to being Leadership video content as value add to many organisations, universities and businesses members and human resource. Its a fantastic way to get your team quickly engaged with real-life leaders as opposed to the class-room environment.

With an extensive range of leadership videos and podcasts available on the platform, including more than thirty by Neil himself in which he discusses leadership and team development.

There are also many more talks and podcasts from other wide ranging experts and personalities.  These online leadership videos are usually around 15 minutes or less in length, and cover a wide range of topics relevant to leadership or team development.

Checkout the the free sample below…

17 Leadership Basics - Leader Connect

In this 8-minute video introduction to Leadership Basics, Neil Jurd explains that leaders need to have a clear sense of direction and should make time and effort to connect with and understand people. Leadership is about personality rather than position, and leading isn’t about working the hardest or the longest, it’s about increasing impact by engaging others.

This excellent video is free to view, and is part of a selection of other free tasters from Leader-Connect. Both the free and subscribed Leader-Connect collection of videos and podcasts can be used from classroom to boardroom and form an excellent basis for leadership development training sessions.

Like the sound of it? Why not visit the Leader-Connect website to find out more!

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