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Neil Jurd

Neil Jurd is a specialist leadership coach and course director, who has held many senior appointments in the Regular Army and more recently in Industry. 

Executive coach and facilitator for senior leaders and senior teams within Higher and Secondary Education. Neil prides himself on developing sustained, long-term coaching relationships with his clients and supporting them in their individual and team development efforts. He regularly facilitates offsite events, using psychometric profiling and experiential learning. 

"Leadership is just plain you" - Field Marshal Lord Slim

Case Studies

From unfit and lonely, struggling for recognition to Senior Leader

The CEO who switched micro-management for leadership



Leadership Coaching where you need it

Senior Leaders

Understanding how you impact others and how they impact on you, is an effective way to see your challenges objectively.

1-to-1 coaching opens space to think and reach clear conclusions you may have been unable to find without the challenge of a coach. 

Leadership Teams

Teams rarely occur naturally; they need to be built.

To build an effective team needs leadership and the right conditions. Teams need to uncover their shared purpose and understand how each member contributes to that purpose. 

Leaders in Waiting

Leadership is an essential skill, but for many managers the role of the leader can feel daunting.

Leadership coaching can give leaders in waiting the confidence to fill their positions; helping them grow from technical expert to inspiring strategist.

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Online Courses

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What People Say

Mike Hamilton OBE

Founder - Commando Joe

“I met Neil whilst he was facilitating a workshop on innovation and leadership. Not many people can hold a room, Neil effortlessly engaged me throughout and I would highly recommend Neil to any organisation wanting their staff or leadership team to be inspired and supported.”

Vikki Hill

Army Cadet Force Officer

“The leadership course Neil directed and presented on which I attended in early 2020 has changed my perspective on life. Neil’s sessions were refreshing, enthusiastic and engaging. It has inspired me to make positive changes within the Army Cadet Force and become a drive for the future of our organisation .”

Steve Hill MBE

Primary School Teacher /Adventurer /Ultra Marathon Runner /Fundraiser /DofE Ambassador /Founder - Team Hil

“I have been very privileged to have experienced Neil’s leadership and coaching first hand – you won’t find a more inspirational and influential leadership coach anywhere on the planet!”

Jordan Wylie

Author, adventurer, TV personality

“Neil’s approach to leadership training delivery is highly innovative, thoroughly engaging throughout and a breath of fresh air to say the least. Whatever your experience or background, you will walk away truly inspired and most importantly ready to inspire others…”

Gemma Coombes

Organisational Development Adviser, University of Cumbria

“We received excellent feedback from the work Neil did.  Very thorough and engaging development that delivered motivated, proactive results!”

Claire Povah

Head of Strategic Development (SBS) Lancaster University

“Neil’s coaching style is both tailored and results driven, and this is what gives him the edge as an executive coach – I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Josh Dean

Business Development Manager Global Student Recruitment | Lancaster University

“Having been coached by Neil for several years, every session has resulted in a fundamental shift in my approach and development. His considered, engaging and challenging approach has led me to really identify my own professional identity and values, allowing me to become a much more impactful leader and leading to several breakthroughs in my career”.

Glyn Potts

Head Teacher
Newman RC College

“In education, we spend a great deal of time on national qualifications leading better understanding of educational tasks, but very little time on how to lead organisations in achieving it. Neil has helped me greatly in ensuring that the direction I have set is authentic, motivating and clear. This has enabled me to weather countless adversity in the first two years of headship and generated a community unified on our goal. Quite simply, he brings out the best in me which means my staff and children get even better.”

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