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TEDx – ‘Pause and Allow’ Speaking at TEDx Croydon in 2023

Neil explains why taking a pause can be the most productive thing you can do, and why the best leaders choose to ‘allow’ rather than ‘control’ activity.

The Lakeland Festival of Light Series - 1st April 2023

Michelle Jurd Trust to benefit from charity event

Neil Jurd - Leadership Author & Speaker, Leadership Coach and a TED Talk speaker

Neil Jurd OBE – Leadership Development Training & Leadership Courses

Neil is the author of the 5* rated ‘The Leadership Book’, written to make Leadership easy to understand and easy to apply.  Neil has built a small team of leadership and management training experts who help him to deliver leadership and team development training  courses based on the ideas in the The Leadership Book.  The training is highly experiential:  simple theory brought to life through engaging activity.  He has also launched ‘Leader Connect’, an online video platform and App which allows people to learn leadership remotely, and which is also used a supporting element to Neil’s leadership courses.  To see Neil’s short introduction to leadership visit the Leader-Connect website.

Neil Jurd receiving his OBE

Leadership Background and Roles

Neil is a former army officer and RMA Sandhurst instructor. He served in several operational theatres, including the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Yemen. Since leaving the army he has worked in leadership development and coaching for more than a decade, a passion which has now developed into a small but busy training company delivering residential and online training courses to a number of clients.

Neil has an MA from Cranfield University, is a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management and an Entrepreneur in Residence at Lancaster University. He was awarded the British Citizen Award in 2020, and appointed OBE in 2021.  In his spare time Neil is Director Initial Officer Training for the Army Cadets UK, and is the Founder and Trustee of the Michelle Jurd Trust, a charity funding character education for young people.

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If you would like to find out more about Neil or the Leadership Training Courses & Services which he offers then just drop him a line to [email protected] or fill in the small adjacent contact form.

Neil Jurd