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Neil Jurd is a specialist leadership coach and course director, who has held many senior appointments in the Regular Army and in Industry. More recently Neil has produced a series of  leadership videos which are now widely in use across sectors, and his book ‘The Leadership Book’ receives excellent reviews. 

Executive coach and facilitator for senior leaders and senior teams within Higher and Secondary Education. Neil prides himself on developing sustained, long-term coaching relationships with his clients and supporting them in their individual and team development efforts. He regularly facilitates offsite events, using psychometric profiling and experiential learning. 

Sandhurst. Army Cadets. Trustee. Non-Exec Director.

In his army career, he taught at Sandhurst, and studied at Advanced Command and Staff College. Leading soldiers through a number of conflicts gives a unique insight into what makes people tick and how to get the best out of them. 

In his spare time is Neil is the Director of the Army Cadet Force Initial Officer Training Programme, Founder and Trustee of the Michelle Jurd Trust – (a charity dedicated to Changing Aspiration Through Adventure for children, young people and veterans) and a Non-Executive Director for Alertacall.


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“I have been very privileged to have experienced Neil’s leadership and coaching first hand – you won’t find a more inspirational and influential leadership coach anywhere on the planet!”

Steve Hill MBE


“Neil’s coaching style is both tailored and results driven, and this is what gives him the edge as an executive coach – I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Claire Povah


“The leadership course Neil directed and presented on which I attended in early 2020 has changed my perspective on life. Neil’s sessions were refreshing, enthusiastic and engaging. It has inspired me to make positive changes within the Army Cadet Force and become a drive for the future of our organisation .”

Vikki Hill

Army Cadet Officer

“I met Neil whilst he was facilitating a workshop on innovation and leadership. Not many people can hold a room, Neil effortlessly engaged me throughout and I would highly recommend Neil to any organisation wanting their staff or leadership team to be inspired and supported.”

Mike Hamilton


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Need a training solution for your team? 

We offer tailored training packages for leadership teams which includes video modules, group coaching, 360 profiling and away days.

The Leadership Videos

Every leader starts off a little shaky!

Leadership is an essential skill, but many managers end up becoming accidental leaders, feeling completely overwhelmed by their position and what is expected of them.

What I am certain of is that leadership can be learned. Over the years I have helped hundreds or maybe even thousands of managers to become leaders, and some of the transformations in impact and confidence have been remarkable. The most important thing is to be open to development.

Put simply, being open to development WILL ensure you become a more effective leader.

Understanding how YOU impact others and how they impact on you, is the starting point for EVERY leader.

Being willing to open space to think and reflect on your role as a leader, and to learn effective leadership skills, is the key to growing from technical expert to inspiring strategist.

Need a training solution for your team? 

We offer tailored training packages for leadership teams which includes video modules, group coaching, 360 profiling and away days.

The Leadership Book

Step-by-Step guide to excellent Leadership

The Leadership Book, by Neil Jurd, has been written to encourage and enable effective leadership. Leadership is a simple but powerful concept which anyone with an open mind can apply. Leadership is about knowing where you are going and recruiting others to help. Leadership can be learned and anyone who chooses to work to improve their leadership will be able to do so. Better leadership means happier teams, and better output. The Leadership Book is split into four easily accessible chapters to help you to better understand leadership, people and ultimately how to lead individuals and teams. 

Praise for The Leadership Book by Neil Jurd "Neil brings his passion for leader development together in this excellent book that you can keep referring to for inspiration and to help with personal reflection on leadership."

Brigadier Stuart Williams OBE

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