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The “Army Leader” reviews the Leadership Book

Army Leader reviews the Leadership Book:

Most people with an interest in leadership, whether military or civilian, will likely find that their bookshelves are groaning under the weight of numerous tomes including those of heavyweights such as Patrick Lencioni and David Rock.

I recommend that you add one more to your collection.

The Leadership Book by Neil Jurd has one compelling objective: to develop better leaders no matter what their walk of life, profession or level within it. Better leaders will, of course, help make the world will become a better place.

For most of his adult life Neil, has either led or worked in leadership development. As an Army officer in the Royal Logistic Corps, he served in Sierra Leone, Iraq, Yemen and Bosnia, as well as being a Platoon Commander at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Since leaving the Army in 2009, Neil has worked for the public, private and third sectors and has recently become one of the UK’s hottest names in leadership development.

Neil certainly knows his stuff when it comes to leadership. His passion for good leadership and its transformative effect shines through on every page. In short, leadership is presented as a force for good to make the world a better place and we are all invited to take an active part. He has managed to distil his teachings in to simple but compelling messages that can be understood by all; from the greenest leader to the oldest and boldest.

The Leadership Book is divided in to three distinct parts: Leadership, People and Leading Teams and Organisations. For me part two, ‘People’, is the most fascinating.

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