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Neil appears on the Online Prosperity Show with Prosper Taruvinga

Welcome to the Online Prosperity Show! In this episode, we have the honor of hosting Neil Jurd OBE, a former army officer turned entrepreneur, and the founder of Neil is also the author of the bestselling practical guide to leadership, “The Leadership Book.” Throughout our conversation, Neil unveils his remarkable journey, from his military service to his thriving leadership development company, and shares invaluable insights into entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal growth.

Join us as we delve into Neil’s unconventional methods for business growth, including writing a bestselling book and founding an online video streaming platform. Discover how Neil turned adversity into opportunity during the pandemic, leading to the creation of We also explore Neil’s deep commitment to character education through the Michelle Jurd Trust and his role as Director Initial Officer Training for the Army Cadets UK.

Throughout the episode, Neil shares practical wisdom and reflective insights drawn from his diverse experiences, offering advice to his younger self and imparting invaluable lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders. From tailoring leadership development programs for diverse clients to empowering teams through simplicity and empowerment, Neil’s expertise shines through, making this episode a masterclass in leadership and entrepreneurship.

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from Neil Jurd OBE and take your leadership skills and entrepreneurial endeavors to new heights. Watch the full episode now and unlock the secrets to success!

Former Army Officer Turned Entrepreneur Neil Jurd OBE Unveils Unconventional Growth Strategies! (