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Neil has trained 1000’s of leaders both in the army and in industry. He is a passionate believer in good leadership. Effective, inclusive and kind. He aims to make a positive difference in the world by helping people to lead more effectively. Leadership is always a positive force; bringing out the best in people in pursuit of a greater good. He differentiates between leadership on one hand, which he considers to be positive and honest, and Manipulation and Dominance on the other – which prosper like weeds in the absence of true leadership.





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We all know that leadership is critical to success, and there’s never been a better opportunity to learn from the best. Now you can access an online leadership course that digs deep into what it takes to become an effective leader within your company. Our leadership training is delivered by Neil Jurd OBE—former Sandhurst Instructor, author and award-winning expert. Included with your subscription, you get full access to the Leader Connect Community—making it easier than ever before for leaders around the globe to learn from one another while building meaningful relationships along the way! Join today for immersive learning in powerful leadership skills!