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Leader Type Quiz

Our brand new and “free” Leader-type quiz is now available to all!

To lead well you need a good understanding of your own personality and in high-performing teams that same level of understanding extends to team members – understanding of themselves and of other team members.  In teams where people understand and support each other, there is very little friction.

This simple online assessment tool designed by me is loosely based on the Merrill-Reid Social Styles model – as explained in ‘The Leadership Book‘.

Your answers will combine to position you on the matrix – you will see your position when you have completed and submitted your answers.

Based on your answers this tool will position you in one of the following quadrants: Driver, Expressive, Amiable or Analyst.

Head over to Leader-Connect and see your “leader type”:

Leader Type Quiz – Leader-Connect)

Your next step

This was a very rough test, more questions would have generated a more robust result – and if you are interested in a more detail psychometric assessment for you or your team, this is something Leader-Connect can do for you – we often use psychometric profiling in support of leadership coaching and executive team development.  We tend to use the very detailed 16 PF tool for this work.  You can also find much more about the Social Styles model and other aspects of leadership and team development in the best-selling  ‘The Leadership Book’.