About me


Neil Jurd is an experienced executive coach and facilitator who operates primarily in the NW of England.

Neil does a lot of work in Higher Education and Further Education and understands the unique challenges that face leaders in this sector. He works with senior academics and department heads, and often facilitates team-development work for them and their management teams. Neil also works with the leadership teams of a number of secondary schools in the NW, as well as with senior staff in other sectors including charities, technology and engineering companies.

Neil spent the first half of his working life as a British Army Officer, learning and then later teaching leadership at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He led soldiers on operations around the world, and later served as Deputy President of the Army Officer Selection Board. Neil also delivers leadership courses on behalf of the Leadership Trust and gives keynote talks on Leadership for Richmond Events.

Neil Jurd is qualified in several psychometric profiling tools including Myers Briggs MBTI and 16 Personality Profiles. He studied strategy at Manchester Business School, has an MA from Cranfield and is a graduate of UK Advanced Command and Staff College. Neil is the Commandant of Lancashire Army Cadets and trustee of a number of charities. He is a Director of Alertacall; a technology company based in Windermere.


Leadership and Team Development

Building the Teams.

Neil works with management teams to identify strengths and areas for Development. This work helps to remove frictions within teams, making work more harmonious and enjoyable. This work usually involves the skilled use of psychometric profiling combined with experiential learning.

Experience and Confidentiality.

A coach with many years’ experience, both in coaching executives and leading others in high pressure environments – Neil is the right coach for senior executives facing complex challenges. He has led teams in a variety of environments, and learned from his own successes and failures.

Clarity and Direction.

Through coaching and strategic Development Events, Neil Works with leaders and their teams to identify and build commitment to priorities and objectives. Coaching often helps clients to simplify their workload and focus on the activities that will make a difference.

Personalised Development.

Coaching is a highly tailored and personalised developmental experience. Neil has run Leadership courses for large organisations and training companies for many years; in his coaching work this expertise is focussed on the client’s individual needs. It can be highly efficient for the client.

Why work with Neil Jurd?

Because he is a very experienced coach and Leadership Development expert. Neil studied and later taught at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He has held senior Leadership positions in the army and later in industry. As well as coaching, Neil regularly Works as a course director for the Leadership Trust. Neil Jurd works with several universities and schools. Neil led a significant piece of work with Commonwealth Games Team Scotland on behalf of the Leadership Trust.

Why Leadership Matters?

Well led organisations have a great atmosphere, and sense of purpose. People feel safe, trusted, and free to make a positive difference. Good Leadership energises organisations; it makes them more competitive, aids retention and makes recruiting new staff easier. Where Leadership is endemic in an organisation decision making is quicker, creativity is encouraged, and senior staff can lift their focus from detail to strategy.